Present Perfection: Get Gift-Giving Right Every Time

Today – Get Gift-Giving Right Every Time


Do you long to get gift-giving right every time?

Buying the perfect gift can be really tricky. Even if you know a person well, when a special occasion comes around you might find yourself scratching your head about what to get for them. Instead of just browsing generic gift websites and gift aisles in shops, the best thing to do is to think about their personality. When someone has a hobby or interest, it makes it easier to whittle down the perfect gift and give them something they’re genuinely going to enjoy. If you’re stuck, here are a few people you might have in your life, and what could potentially be good gifts for them at all kinds of price points.


Get Gift-Giving Right Every Time


For The Car Enthusiast

Do you have a car obsessive in your life? Perhaps they love watching car events on tv, playing car racing games and of course, looking after their own vehicle! These are the people that you’ll find washing their car on their lunch break, and commenting on cool cars that they see driving past. Maybe it’s someone that’s recently passed their test and is enjoying the novelty of their first car. Either way, if the person you’re buying for loves their car then it can make gift buying easy. You could look into anything from personalised number plates to sat navs, to safety features like parking cameras. If you want to spend a little less, things like car cleaning kits and air fresheners could make a nice gift, or you could give them a gift card for an auto shop like Halfords. You can even buy gift cards for car washes! They could treat their car to a nice wash and wax on a regular basis, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Another cool option if you wanted to go down the experience day route would be to book a drive in a muscle car, super car, an SUV off road experience or something similar. There are tonnes of different options.


For The Animal Lover

Our pets are a huge part of our lives, so if you have a friend that’s totally besotted with their pet (or animals in general) there are lots of great gifts you could consider. How about something personalised with their pet’s face on, print shops do things like mugs, cushions, keychains and much more for a fun and unique gift. You could have an artist or illustrator on Etsy create a photo of their pet, or even a picture of them with their pet and have it framed for a stunning, personal gift. You can buy sets to make your own dog or cat treats, something that certain pet lovers would be sure to go crazy for! Otherwise you could make a donation in their name to an animal charity, or even look into adopt an animal gifts. Here you can sponsor an animal in the wild or in a zoo for them, and they will get regular updates on how the animal is doing. In terms of experiences, how about a day out to the zoo, safari park or an animal experience? Depending on where you live this could be cuddling koalas, swimming with dolphins or getting up close to flying falcons. Lots of farms and zoos offer photography sessions and feeding the animal sessions, so see what’s available to you.


For the Beauty Queen

Are you buying for the kind of person that always looks picture perfect? If they love their cosmetics and beauty products, you won’t be short of gift ideas. Places like Boots and Superdrug have beauty gift sets available, or you could go with something like a perfume. Lots of retailers these days sell perfumes with a sample, this allows the person you’re buying for to smell the sample first. If they’re not too keen, they can go and swap it for one they prefer. This is more personal than buying a gift voucher, but if you’re not sure and don’t want to splash out on something and it’s wrong then they always have the option of exchanging. If you don’t want to go down the route of a physical gift, how about booking them in to have their makeup, hair and/or nails done? Perfect if they’re planning on going out that evening.


For The Gadget Obsessed

Gadgets usually feature heavily in gift guides for men, but really we all love them. Young and old, male and female, techy gifts are fun and exciting and you can get them at all price points. If you want to spend a little more, a phone, tablet, computer or laptop is always going to make a spectacular gift. For something fun and a bit different, how about a segway, a drone or a VR headset. If you want to spend less, things like speakers, headphones and other accessories are great. For stocking fillers and token gifts there are lots of novelty gadgets you can buy too that cost hardly anything. Toys and accessories, check places like eBay who always have more unusual items.


For the Sentimental Person

Do you have someone in your life that’s all about sentiment? For these people, it truly is all about the thought that counts. Parents and grandparents often fall into this category! For this reason, homemade gifts make a great option. Whether you like to sew, bake or knit, use your skills to create something beautiful just for them. Things like framed photos, photo books and albums also work well. Keepsakes are another option, look for trinkets that have significance to them and to your relationship with them. Jewellery is another choice if your budget is bigger, as it’s something that can be kept and held onto. If it’s made with love or something that can be kept and treasured then it’s bound to make the sentimental person in your life smile. Otherwise, an experience gift that allows you to spend time with them could go down well too. How about a relaxing day at a spa together, or an afternoon tea?


For The Person Seeking Self Improvement

Is there a person in your life who’s on a quest to better themselves? If so, why not give them a gift that reflects this and that they can really make use of. Depending on what they’re into, you could look into self help books– things like meditation, decluttering and healthy living could all be options. You could purchase an online course for them, lots of online college allow you to start any time in the year so it’s something they can begin right away. If a healthy lifestyle is what they’re focusing on, how about  a gym membership or even lessons for things like healthy cookery classes. You could buy them sportswear or sports equipment, or an accessory like a nice water bottle or a fitness tracker. Of course you should know the person well and be sure that this is what they want before taking the plunge, the last thing you would want is for your gift to be interpreted as an insult! But for the right friend or family member, this could be a fantastic option.


Bear in mind your recipients personality and interests, and you will get gift giving right every time. Remember, a gift doesn’t always have to be a physical item. If a material thing isn’t quite right then you always have the option of going down the experience route. This could be tickets to a set experience day or event, or it could be a meal at a restaurant or a day out.


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