Getting ready for Prom on a budget

Prom on a budget

As the school and university year draws to their close Prom season is getting nearer and how exciting that is!  Children in year 6, teens completing their GCSE’s and young adults graduating are all on the hunt for the perfect outfit for their prom/ball. My little girl who is 10 is SO exited about her end of primary school prom and cannot wait to don the perfect dress and party with her friends. There will be tears (mine!) as she celebrates.

Prom on a budget, becky goddard-hill

Along with funding school trips and university fees, and just life, in general, going to the prom can be just one more financial headache for parents but it really doesn’t have to be. Here are my top tips for getting prom ready on a budget.

Think adaptability – some prom outfits can only be worn to a prom and are clearly designed for exactly that, Some are much more adaptable and can definitely be worn again to weddings or parties or posh nights out. Think about the occasions the year ahead brings and try and make sure this outfit will get more than one wear.

Think classic – classic outfits can last for years and years and a little black dress worn to a year 11 prom may well work for a cocktail party at 21 if you go for a classic design. Occasionwear that can be worn again and again means you will get full value for money.

Think savings – vouchers and discount codes can be SO useful when you are spurging I found the best savings for House of Fraser at Groupon and these really can make all the difference.

Think resale – when you buy for a growing 10-year-old the chances are they are not going to get much wear out of occasionwear. They are certainly not going to be wearing it out. If you go for classic and good quality in your prom purchases the chances are you are going to be able to sell it on via Gumtree or eBay and recoup some of your cost.

Think hand me downs – do you have a younger child who may need a prom outfit in the next year or so? if you do try and purchase something they like the look of too so you don’t have to go out spending second time around.  Do accept hand me downs from friends too if your child/young person likes the outfit. They do need to feel special but it doesn’t have to have cost you anything!

Think free! When it comes to hear and make up I am sure you can scout your family/friends/neighbours for someone skilled in this and I am sure they will be happy to help ( maybe in return for a batch of cookies form your child or a free babysit from your older teen?)

So these are my tips for getting prom ready on a budget when it comes to the outfit. There are always ways to save a little money.

Happy prom –  Make sure to take lots of photos!


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