Protect your home with a Y-cam

Have you heard of a Y-cam?

Well it’s new to me too but it does sound very useful.

The HomeMonitor range from Y-cam enables you see and hear what’s happening at your property from anywhere, on your smartphone or tablet.

You can’t always be around can you but this would really help you feel safe. (I might use it on a new baby sitter too!)


You get an easy to set up security camera, which instantly alerts you when motion is detected. You can watch what is happening live or review your last 7 days’ of recordings which are securely stored in your cloud account.

Indoor On Shelf

You don’t need any technical expertise to set it up either which is a plus in my book! You can add more cameras but a single unit costs around £130 which is excellent value and of course their are no installations cost. Our homes are precious after all!

A recent survey by Y-Cam revealed just how vulnerable our properties are.

Despite 30% of people surveyed saying they had been burgled over 50% didn’t have an alarm or camera installed in their home. I find those figures frightening don’t you?

Infographic-Full-2000px castleAccording to the College of Policing, properties with no security measures in place are five times more likely to be burgled than those with simple security measures.

It is really worth thinking about protecting your home, for peace of mind and security.





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