From Pushchair Pusher to Chauffeur

It has been a long time since I had a baby to push a round in a pushchair

Pushchair image from Britax UK

I loved it when my babies were small and I would take them out for long and lovely walks. I loved the fresh air and the exercise and just the pootling around down country lines or through our town. Just marvellous.

I see mums on the park now doing buggy fit classes and I have to laugh, I know that most of them are there to socialise not exercise and I don’t blame them. New mums and dads  need good friends !

Just having kids at once point helped me stay fit . As toddlers I would be chasing them around the park or kicking a football about or running after a little scooter or bike.  Free fitness…perfect for a budgeting mum. Sadly as thy have grown this perk of having kids has fallen by the wayside.

Now I seem to spend a lot of time in my gas guzzling car.

I seem to drive the kids all over form footie to ballet to cubs to school and to parties and to play dates. Not only is this driving dull and expensive  it also does absolutely nothing for my fitness levels and I have piled on the pounds over recent years.

I am half tempted to put a dolly in a pushchair and go and join the mums on the park in their buggy fit class!

I do somehow need to redress the balance between being a chauffeur and taking care of myself and I am determined to do more int he way of car sharing to reduce my driving times and coast.

Have you found as your children have got older you drive more and do less with them and that this has affected your pocket and you activity less in the process?




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