PVC curtains for kids

PVC Curtains for Kids are new to me and I have to say I am rather taken with them. Over at www.plastic-curtains.co.uk. you can have a look at all sorts of plastic door solutions. It isn’t something I would have considered before but actually I think they are rather an ingenious ideas.

PVC Curtains for kids

I most like the idea of the free flow play curtains so you can see what young children are doing but they also have their own space to play. I am a firm believer in children needing their own space in order to let their imaginations run free and to be creative without parents hovering. Of course supervision is vital too so with plastic strip door so you can see and they can meander back and forth as they need you. It is a perfect solution.

As well as lowering noise (always a good thing when you have children) visibility is high on both sides of the door. If I had these I would put them between the kitchen and the playroom. I worry when my little ones have friends over and they shut the door and am always propping it open. Propping open heavy doors can bring it’s own problems. I do worry about little fingers.

By having PVC curtains there is no way little fingers are going to get caught,  noise levels are down and I can keep a clear eye on what is going on whilst they can independently play.

Doesn’t that just sound perfect?



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