My quest for whiter teeth

You know how I have been working hard at my budget makeover/well being project  right ? I’ve been scooting a lot and visiting the gym. Well it’s all going well and I am definitely fitter buy why did no one ever tell me gyms seem to be full of beautiful people. Glossy hair perfect make up and gleaming teeth all at 6.30 am. Grrr

I am never going to be made up and blog w dried at 6.30 am. It just isn’t going to happen I like to sleep too much.  But oh how I would love my teeth to glean that white and be that straight.

I guess less coffee and more enthusiastic brushing ate the budget options to teeth whitening .

I do need a check up though it’s been longer than it should and I am definitely in the market for a new dentist. Mine is not very smiley and the dentist terrifies me and I need someone a bit kinder!

Oasis dental care   is the leading provider of NHS and private dental care  looking after 1.5 million patients across the UK.and they recommend…

‘the best way to keep your smile looking natural is to reduce the risk of having to have treatment by taking good care of your teeth and gums. the best way to do this is to visit both your dentist and hygienist regularly.’

Yes so before I even think of tooth whitening procedures its back to basics for me; regular brushing, eating clean and seeing a hygienist/dentist.


Short cuts never seem to work do they! Back to basics always seems to be the answer in my personal makeover so far.

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