Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Family

The decision to start a family is naturally a big one, and for many couples it represents a foundational question for their relationship and the rest of their lives. A new member of the family is a joy and a burden in one package, an utterly complex move and a decision not to be taken lightly. If you want a child, you should ask yourselves the following questions before you start trying.

Are We Ready?

The very first question that you need to ask yourselves is a simple one: are we ready? It may seem a glib question to ask, especially if you have already begun the conversation about starting a family, but it is a crucial one to answer carefully. It can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of the prospect without truly reckoning how you feel, both as a couple and individually. With this in mind, ask yourselves if you really are emotionally ready for a child, and everything that comes with it.

Are We Financially Stable?

Unfortunately, one of the more pressing factors when it comes to starting a new family is money. Times are difficult for a majority of households in the UK at the moment, with an ever-rising rate of inflation and an effective freeze on wages reducing the average citizen’s spending power significantly. You and your partner may well be comfortable in your current position, but how would the addition of a new mouth to feed affect your financial standing?

Can We Create a Healthy Home Environment?

Hand-in-hand with financial stability comes the capability of building a healthy and harmonious home environment for you and your family. The apartment you share with your partner may not be large enough to accommodate a child. As such, you will need to be open to the idea of moving in order to accommodate your newfound needs. New build homes in your area could provide an affordable and solid foundation on which to build a family, while older homes further out from urban centres can provide a peaceful place to start.

Are We Willing to Change Our Lifestyle?

Having a child is an understandably time-consuming endeavour, rewarding as it can be. But the time you will need to invest in your child is time you need to reclaim from other areas of your life; as such, your relationship with your lifestyle, both together and apart, will need to change. This will include concessions on time spent on hobbies or visiting friends. Are you both ready to make those concessions?

For many, lifestyle includes a career in many ways. Work can be a defining aspect in someone’s life, whether a skilled vocation of which they are proud, or a life’s ambition realised – such as the building of a business from scratch. Bringing new life into the world may require you to re-address your relationship with your work. You and your partner may both be career-minded individuals, at which point you must ask yourselves if either of you is willing to compromise on your ambitions in order to create a safe and loving home environment.


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