Quick and easy veggie burgers recipe

Today – quick and easy veggie burgers

quick and easy veggie burgers



Ingredients for 8 quick and easy veggie burgers

300 g frozen broccoli
300 g frozen cauliflower
300 g frozen carrots
300 g frozen sweetcorn
3 medium eggs
wholemeal oats
300 g grated cheddar cheese
dry parsley
chilli flakes
some oil or alternative, I used Flora Cuisine
buns of your choice, I used pumpkin seed rolls


Method for quick and easy veggie burgers

1. Boil your frozen veg for 3-4 minutes. Once cooked, drain, add eggs and puree.

2. Add whole grain oats and cheese to the pureed vegetable mix and stir until you have dough-like consistency.

3. Season your mix before forming burger shapes and frying them from both sides until golden brown.

4. Serve in a bun of your choice and salad as a side.

Now doesn’t that just look delicious and it is packed full of veggie goodness too. Gosh it is making me  hungry just writing about it !

Off to a barbeque later on today and I know what I will be taking with me.



Speedy Veggies

If you want to speed up the process  making this do hop over and take a look at my fruit and veg chopping hacks post


I hope you have a go at making these quick and easy veggie burgers


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