Quick guide for a blockchain beginner

guide for a blockchain beginner


Unless you have lived under a rock, you must have heard of blockchain technology. It has become a more prevalent part of our world, which is why everyone should know at least something about it.

Blockchain technology offers many different possibilities. This means, that even parents can use it in some ways to make their everyday life run smoother. A great thing about blockchain is that its basics are relatively easy to understand. This guide will introduce some of the very basics of the technology so you can start your journey easily.


Find all kinds of sources for learning about blockchain technology

Since blockchain technology has become increasingly popular and famous, the number of sources about the subject has increased. Now you can find Blockchain Tutorials in video form, articles, or heavier and longer guidebooks. This means that you can find a source that will be fitting for your way of learning.

When you are looking into longer guides to learn more about blockchain technology, you need to pay attention to the reliability of the source. Even though most sources are completely trustworthy, there are some that you shouldn’t believe in. If one source tells something completely different than what you have heard, check who is behind this information.


What blockchains are?

So what blockchains even are? Very simply put, a blockchain is a chain that consists of individual blocks. These blocks are a way to store information safely. This information or data can be almost anything. This means that there are many different ways to use blockchains, as we will explain a bit later.

An interesting aspect of blockchain technology is that the older blocks are never deleted. In other words, the blockchain will only become longer so to speak. The information will never be lost. The users can always go all the way back to find any data they would want, which makes blockchain technology very safe and secure.


Blockchain technology has a surprisingly long history

Most likely you have heard about blockchain technology through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. In fact, the very first cryptocurrency made the whole technology rise to fame. This is why many people think that blockchain technology was originally created for cryptocurrencies.

The truth is quite opposite. Blockchain technology was created many decades before the first cryptocurrency was launched. It just didn’t have any practical use until the introduction of cryptocurrencies.


Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly important

Now, this has changed noticeably. After cryptocurrencies helped blockchain technology to rise to fame, it has gotten more attention from all kinds of industries. Now, blockchains are used for many different actions.

People can use blockchains to sign smart contracts or make communication between their doctors easier. Companies can use the technology to Decentralize their Finances or track their supply chain. Since blockchain technology has an increasing number of ways to use it, its place in the world keeps on getting more rooted. It’s highly possible that in the future, we will use blockchain technology for even more different reasons.


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