Quitting Smoking? Follow These 5 Tips.


Things have not been easy for the whole world for quite some time now. There are many reasons behind this instability. The main reasons include the COVID 19 Virus outbreak and the constant rebirth of new variants, geopolitical tensions between two sizable countries(Ukraine and Russia), inflation-based problems, or financial concerns due to a decrease in purchasing power of the citizens internationally. As per a report by APA( American Psychological Association), more than seventy-five percent of the total population of the United States Of America confess that rise in the prices of essential items is one of the main factors behind their stress. Everyone is adjusting to these ongoing inflated rates of every basic need in their lifestyles. Some people find it difficult as they have other debts and loans on their names to pay off with these rate hikes.

And other factors which we stated are anyhow enough to depress and make someone anxious, for example, the present war-like situation between Ukraine-Russia. Some individuals face these problems very calmly and intelligently and try to find solutions and ways to increase their earning sources and decrease their expenses. But, money management is not everyone’s cup of tea. People often start the consumption of many products which contain nicotine and other tobacco-based products to keep their minds off such tensions and strains to relax for some time in their day-to-day life. Some people get frustrated by these problems and start activities in their daily routines to relax their minds, like smoking, alcohol consumption, and consumption of marijuana-based products. You are on the right path if you have understood that it is high time for you to quit smoking because the pollution has increased so much in all cities of the world that it has already affected everyone’s lung health too much.

In this blog, we will consider more about the problem of smoking and five tips about how you can quit it. We will also dive deeper into how CBD can help you quit smoking.


The Problem Of Smoking

Smoking means the consumption of tobacco that contains more than fifty to sixty drugs that produce the impact that the brain looks for whenever it feels stressed, anxious, and mentally burdened in life. Tobacco is very harmful and hazardous to the consumer’s health as it ruins the lungs and results in cancer, infections, blood circulation difficulties, and dental troubles. Individuals often start it in peer pressure or try to copy their fellow ones in times of stress to find out their effect, but no one gets to know that when it becomes a habit and you start smoking multiple times a day.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that approximately more than fifteen million people in America are patients of a disease or ailment occurring due to smoking. And, at least four hundred and eighty thousand Americans die because of it in a year.

 More than seven percent of these deaths are due to secondhand exposure to the smoke produced by smokers.


Five Tips To Help You Quit smoking.


  • Avoid Triggers

There are triggers related to some activities in every human’s life. Individuals do some activities only after some situation or event happens, and we don’t feel the urge for it until that trigger occurs. These triggers can be different for every person. For example, a person can get stressed after a heated talk with a senior at work, so this might be a trigger and reason for that person to go for a smoke break. So individuals have to control themselves at these occurrences and take a different intellectual approach to deal with these situations. It is a psychological and mental way to help your body in the long term.


  • Nicotine Replacement Therapies

Nicotine is one of the many compounds present inside tobacco cigarettes.

This drug is the sole reason behind the urges a person gets to take a smoke break or drag from someone else’s smoke. Patients can take nicotine-based medications and pills after consulting with their medical experts. Many options are available for such patients, like nasal sprays or inhalers, nicotine patches, and some allopathic drugs. These products can help individuals ignore the instant urges they get. And some nicotine products come in handy, like nicotine gums. An alternative to smoking is E-cigarettes, but it is still a new concept for society, and there is not much research out there regarding its effectiveness and side effects.


  • Eat Fruits and Veggies

Some studies suggest that a variety of vitamins and minerals can help individuals on their journey to quit smoking. Individuals who are regular users of tobacco, it is found that they often have deficiencies of prominent minerals in the body. Mainly the deficits of Vitamin B and C are widespread among people who smoke a lot. Vitamin B is famous for removing stress among people, so it can benefit individuals who are quitting. On the other hand, Vitamin C possesses qualities that help the cardiovascular muscles stay healthy and fit. You can fulfill the requirement of these vitamins with basic groceries like meat, fish, dairy products, and fruits like oranges and strawberries.


  • CBD

CBD is a different alternative from all the above we have discussed. It is a plant-based herbal substance that has multiple purposes. The plant from which it lives is a very famous one, known as the Cannabis Sativa plant. The hemp extract from this plant contains psychoactive ingredients that relax the consumer’s mind from all the agitations and urges they get when they feel stressed and think about having a smoke. It has healing properties that help the consumer in many other factors like having a good night of sleep, enhancing the mood, and providing energy whenever they feel low because of trying a new habit. You can buy CBD at CBD.co  to satisfy your craving for smoking.


  • Physical Exercises/Workouts

Workout regimes and physical exercises are common helpful tips for many diseases and troubles, especially stress-related problems. They take the person’s mind off instantly from overthinking or thoughts they want to avoid, which is a huge plus point. Without intake of anything and providing fitness and freshness along the process are some benefits with exercises. People can also try yoga or relaxation techniques like deep breathing and massage. Sometimes people can’t find time in their busy schedules for exercise, and for them, house chores are a good option. It also has the same benefit, and a clean surrounding in your house also provides positivity in your journey to quit smoking.



Smoking is never a good option, whether you consume it at low frequency or high. While you are doing very well for a start and finding tips on quitting it, other people often jump from tobacco smoking to something less dangerous but continue to smoke substances. Cigarette packs always display that they are harmful to health, yet, people ignore them due to the stress and depression in life. Some tips like CBD and Vitamin C fruits help remove mental burdens in daily life.


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