Jumbo Inflatable RC Minion

RC Inflatable Minion

We just adored Despicable Me and were totally enchanted by the daft little minions and always thought they should have a movie of their own.

They clearly agreed!

With the release of the eagerly awaited Minion movie this summer minion toys are everywhere..this one, however is a  bit special.

Meet Stuart…a rather adorable walking, talking minion.

Stuart is a Radio Control Jumbo Inflatable Despicable Me Minion with Sounds from Bladez Toyz.

He is a 2ft tall, inflatable radio controlled ‘Minion’ He can say 9 different phrases, and comes with a super simple handset, The handset is easy for children to use and enables Stuart to move easily forwards backwards and round in circles. he is quite speedy too.

It is actually a very straightforward set up you just simply install batteries, ( 4 AA, 1 D) clip on the radio control drive unit to the base of the durable inflatable character body, inflate and then it’s ready to run. Stuart works well in and indoors or outdoors.

My daughter adores him, cuddles him, makes him follow people, dance with her and play dobby.

mini RC

He is super-cute and it’s a bit like having your own pet rc minion.

Available at £39.99 from all good toy stores. For details visit www.bladeztoyz.com


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