Reasons Why Your Car Demands Attention in Summer

Today – Reasons Why Your Car Demands Attention in Summer

Summers are here with a bang and travelling season is around the corner too. Believe it or not we all have started planning our long awaited road trips & it’s high time to prepare not only ourselves but our most beloved vehicles for the journey to begin.

Car Demands Attention in Summer


Reasons Why Your Car Demands Attention in Summer

Although it is usual for cars to come under more stress during winter when it is harder to spot debris on the road as well as worse driving conditions, summer should not be overlooked as a time for vehicle maintenance. Your car can face some problems that are specific to the summer months, usually depending on how hot it gets. What are the summertime jobs that you ought to be conducting each year and what are the problem areas you need to look out for to ensure your car remains roadworthy and safe to drive in?

Air Conditioning 

You might not think of your car’s air-con as much of a safety feature, but it can really help driver concentration in hot weather, particularly on long journeys. The time to discover your air condition system is not working properly is not when you are about to drive on a long road trip, for instance. Turn your air con on in the late spring to test it. If it is not functioning or appears to be working weakly, then it may need to be re-pressurised. Failing that, it may need a specialist to look into it because it has developed a leak.

Car Tyres 

The wheels of your car take knocks at any time of the year so need regular inspections even when it is not summer. Replace any that have worn down or that are showing signs of baldness. Remember that the rubber compound found in tyres can wear down more rapidly on very hot roads when the surface gets sticky. This is especially noticeable if you have to brake hard on hot tarmac. Jet Wheel Tyre offers tyres online for all makes and models of car so you should always be able to find a compatible tyre for your vehicle if one needs exchanging. The sun’s UV rays can also break down rubber so look for damage like bulges or scratch-like fissures that might appear in the side wall of your tyres as potential problem areas.

Oil Change 

The oil of your car is used more during the summer. Since it helps to keep your engine and the other moving parts of your car cool when you are driving, it works harder if it is already hot outside. As oil is used it will get used up even in a system which is supposedly fully sealed. Test your oil level using the dipstick when the engine is cool – not just after a journey. Never wait until your dashboard indicates more oil is needed so take dipstick tests more frequently in summer than winter.


These basic checks will help you enjoy smooth drives with no unwanted breakdowns. What measures are you taking to ensure carefree drives this holiday season?

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