Receiving Flowers

I have received flowers at key points in my life. I was sent flowers when I turned 18 and it was the first time and felt very grown up. I was sent flowers when I passed my degree..when I got married.


I was sent flowers when my parents passed away; many, many flowers and they helped so much a real expression of how loved both they and and I were. From friends far away flowers arriving  felt like a hug .

I was sent flowers when my children were born and when my book was published I was sent flowers by my agent how exciting was that! I have been sent flowers when I have had troubles and been sad and they have soothed me.

So meaningful times, sad, romantic, joyful times…being sent flowers marks an occasion so well.

Interflora have a new service available on their website called My Interflora Creation where you design  your own flower arrangement so it’s a bespoke gift rather than one of ‘their creations’ I think this is wonderful it is like being able to pop to the florists and design your own bouquet for a friend. So personal and such a lovely idea.

Valentines gifts from Interflora also encourage personalisation from balloons to cake to biscuits and even if these can’t be delivered in person I’m sure the recipient would feel really thought about.

Personally I rather like the romance hamper as it is packed with gifts including  chocolates, biscuits and fruity luxury jam. There’s also a mini bottle of bubbly.


There is even a mobile app for Interflora now available which really is handy. I have often relied on Interflora to deliver where my time management has let me down and if you can just use your phone well that’s rather brilliant isn’t it.

The fact you can now personalise the Interflora experience makes it even better. I am really liking these new innovations.


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