How to Relax in the Lake District

How to Relax in the Lake District

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How to Relax in the Lake District

The Lake District remains one of the most popular holiday resorts in the whole of the UK, thanks primarily to its unique terrain and a host of beautiful individual resorts. Whether you wish to explore Britain’s unique cultural heritage or enjoy some of the most beguiling nature trails in the country, the Lake District is ideally placed to meet your needs. Above all else, it is the ideal location in which to relax and enjoy recreational time, as you look to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday city life.


3 Relaxing Lake District Activities

 With this in mind, what the most relaxing activities that you can enjoy during your Lake District stay? Consider the following: –


A Lake Windermere Cruise

While it is officially categorised as a tarn, Lake Windermere is actually the largest body of water in the whole of the entire district. It is also renowned for its official cruises, with a number of operators active in the area and capable of providing a unique insight into the surrounding landscape and its history. These cruises have been a popular tourist activity since the 19th century, and offer visitors the unique opportunity to relax while basking in Windermere’s vast and mountainous surroundings. For information on Windermere lakeside cruises, visit the Southlakeland Lodges website at your earliest convenience.


Hike between Latterbarrow and Hawkshead

Arguably the most serene and relaxing walk in the Lake District, the terrain between Latterbarrow and Hawkshead is extremely beautiful and also distinguished by spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. Particularly beguiling is the ascent towards the famous Latterbarrow Monument, which provides a gentle hike before opening up onto Esthwaite Water and neighbouring woodlands. This walk was also renowned as one of William Wordsworth’s favourites, and it served as a constant source of inspiration to him.


Follow in the Footsteps of William Wordsworth

On the subject of William Wordsworth, the nature trail around Rydal Water is another of the famous poet’s preferred walk-ways in the Lake District region. When searching for inspiration, he would often wander at will around the shores of the tarn, observing the tranquil woodlands and stunning local wildlife. The location is also famous for the beautifully crafted Rydal Cave, which is a man-made amphitheatre that has been carefully manufactured from slate. For anyone with a love of nature and architecture, this hike represents one of the most relaxing and satisfying Lake District activities.


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