Remodelling your Bedroom on a Budget in 3 Easy Steps

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Did you know the British economy is forecast to grow by an estimated 2.5% this year?  Apparentl;y financial experts have raised concerns surrounding the nature and sustainability of this expansion. Statistics from the National Institute of Social and Economic Research (NIESR) seem to suggest that the current boom has been triggered by a rise in consumer spending, which  is being driven by higher rates of borrowing. With these points in mind, it is clear we must adopt a responsible approach to both borrowing and spending if we are to avoid a repeat of the Great Recession.

So let’s think budgeting not borrowing!

If you are looking to remodel and refurbish your bedroom in 2014, for example, you would be better tcompleting the project within a tight budget rather than taking out a short-term loan to undertake the work.

bedroom on a budget

You might want to consider the following steps towards achieving this: –

1.       Establish a Simple and Stylish Design Theme

Your capacity to complete a cost-effective remodelling project will be influenced by the design theme that you choose to create. If your vision requires lavish materials and high-end furnishings to bring it into life for example, you will need to spend a great deal more than you can realistically afford. If you opt for a minimalistic design which optimises floor space and requires only a few, carefully selected items of furniture, for example, you can dramatically cut costs without compromising on the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.

2.       Purchase your Furniture from a Single Supplier

As a general rule, it is far cheaper to buy goods and furnishings when you utilise a single supplier, or at least limit the amount of stores and outlets that you deal with. If you are able to identify an affordable supplier that boasts a wide range of high-quality bedroom furniture, for example, you will have the opportunity to purchase your products in bulk and hopefully secure a considerable discount. Companies such as the Trade Furniture Company provide a relevant case in point, as they feature a huge and cost-effective range of both traditional and modern furnishings.

3.       Shop Wisely and Prioritise your Purchases

Whenever you complete a design project, there are bound to be some purchases that are more important than others. It is therefore important that you prioritise these carefully, as this enables you to both save money and create a larger budget for any purchases that will have a direct influence on the finished aesthetic of your bedroom. So while you should look to save money on materials such as paint brushes, glues and adhesives, for example, it is important to spend at least of this capital on products that are used to finish the space. 

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