Renovate Your Bathroom and Make It More Eco-Friendly

You can probably imagine natural materials in any other room in your house but the bathroom – how do you renovate the bathroom and make it more eco-friendly?. You also probably can’t think of too many ways to “go green” in the bathroom, except maybe for water saving. So this indispensable space in every house seems to offer little possibility for eco-friendly innovations.


Renovate Your Bathroom and Make It More Eco-Friendly

However, there are ways to renovate your bathroom and make it more in accordance with nature. It will make it a healthier, more comfortable and pleasant place. If you are planning bathroom renovation, don’t go for the first, easiest, ready-made, cliché solution, but try to think it through and discover some “green” solutions which will be useful to both you and the environment. Here are some things you need to consider before you start your remodeling process

Use Natural Materials

Okay, this does not always have to be necessarily good for the environment, but it could make your bathroom a way more comfortable and pleasant place. Let’s start from the weirdest part. I know it sounds strange and doesn’t seem to make sense, but yes, you can use wood in your bathroom. Okay, maybe not for the back wall of your shower cabin, for obvious reasons, but there are so many other places where wood would fit perfectly.

For instance, think of putting some wooden cabinetry around your shower, it will definitely make it look warmer and will also provide you with more than enough of storage space. Cedar is always a good option, just think of typical Japanese bathrooms. What’s more, cork and waterproof wood could prevent your bathroom from going green in all the wrong ways, by inhibiting mold and mildew growth. They’re also eco-friendly and easy to clean.

You can use ceramic tiles or recycled glass for the walls and floor. Other good options are Marmoleum, a linoleum material, and natural plasters such as American Clay which absorb moisture, thus reducing the possibility for mildew growth. You should also consider using low-VOC paints. Furthermore, consider materials such as recycled, compressed and sealed paper (e.g. Richlite or Paperstone) for countertops.

Recycled glass is once again an option. What’s more, stone and limestone are good natural solutions and can be used abundantly for various spaces in the bathroom. They’re natural materials and look absolutely amazing, especially if combined with wood. As you can see, there are so many options to explore.

Improve Your Toilet

Believe it or not, there is quite a lot of place for improvement in efficiency and healthiness of toilets. First of all, sitting toilets aren’t actually the healthiest thing for humans, as they have been linked to hemorrhoids, constipation and colon cancer, so a squatting toilet is recommended. If you’re really not a fan of this idea, make sure to at least buy a removable toilet seat which would make the cleaning easier and more efficient.

Another issue in the bathroom is water waste. Namely, a lot of so-called grey water which is a waste coming from everything else is contaminated by the “black water”, the flush waste, while drinking water is unnecessarily used for flushing. To prevent this reckless spending, consider building a sink on top of the tank making the flush water go through the faucet first so you can use it for hand washing.

Speaking of the tank, think about introducing the dual-flush mechanism, with lower and higher volume, for two different uses.

Also, consider putting a toilet in a separate room in order to isolate bacteria, instead of having a bathroom per every bedroom. This is better for your health and more hygienic, and it’s still efficient and time-saving as one person can use the bathroom while the other is using the toilet.

In order to make your bathroom remodeling as easy and enjoyable as possible, make sure to hire a highly professional company for this task, someone who will have some interesting proposals and be open to hearing your ideas.

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