Resolutions on a budget: More ‘me’ time

Last year over on my baby budgeting blog I shared this post Top ten me time tips on a budget

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and I wanted to share it with you guys over here too. Me time should indeed be a firm resolution. There is aan important distinction to be made between being selfish and self caring.  In giving to their children I think many parents forget to self care. But it really does matter.

I am a firm believer in Me time .

I think it renews, refreshes and revitalises you so you have more to give in other areas of your life. Your enegy to play and capacity for patience increase in direct relation to how much you nurture yourself.

Why not have a look at my ‘me time’ tips (that cost very little or nothing at all) and see if you can incorporate one or two into your weekly plan.

Everyone will be happier for it.



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  1. January 3, 2013 / 19:13

    I agree, everyone is happier if we get more me-time! Off to take a read right now!

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