Restoring Sash Windows on a Budget: Cost-Effective Tips and Tricks

Home improvements have become increasingly expensive, prompting homeowners to seek cost-effective solutions to make their budgets stretch further. Sash windows are one such feature that with some TLC can be maintained rather than replaced, and at a much lower cost. By implementing occasional repairs and maintenance, sash windows will remain functional and not cost you a huge outlay to totally replace them.

Here we have some money saving advice from the experts in restoring sash windows on just how to repair your sash windows and keep your home looking sharp without breaking the bank.


Restoring Sash Windows on a Budget

Repairing Wooden Windows On a Budget

Sash windows add a touch of sophistication to any home but as they are constructed from wood, they do have common issues such as rot, being draughty and their sash cords can become broken.

However, there are money saving repair services out there to resolve these problems without the need to completely replace your units.


Problems with Sash Windows


Damage to wooden frames is often caused by moisture buildup, insect infestation, or simply age. Rotten wood also compromises the structural integrity of the window and also damages the look of your property. Rotten wood can be removed carefully and any loose or decayed sections cut out and replaced. A wood hardener is then applied to strengthen the remaining wood.


Cold Drafts

Damaged windows will have a detrimental impact on the energy efficiency of your home and push up your energy bills. In the first instance inspect the window for any gaps or cracks. Apply weatherstripping and seal these openings to prevent air infiltration. Storm windows and even window film can also be applied as a cost effective fix.


Damaged Sash Cords

Sash cords are crucial for the smooth operation of sash windows and if they wear out or break you’ll struggle to operate the window. They can be replaced; remove the window sash, take a note of the length and type of cord being used and purchase a like for like replacement. to attach with the weights. You can then reassemble and see if the fix has worked!


Refresh the Paintwork

Wooden window paint is out in the elements and so will peel away and chip over the years. This impacts on the look of the window but also allows the wooden frame to be exposed to the elements. A simple fix is to scrape off the loose paint and sand back to the wooden surface before applying a primer. You are then in a position to put on a fresh coat of paint which will bring you windows back to life.


Frequently Asked Questions About Budget Friendly Window Repairs


Do I need a professional?

If you have some DIY skills you might be tempted to avoid paying out for an expert and for any basic repairs, you’ll be fine to crack on. However don’t hesitate to call in the experts if it is a big job or you come across any complex issues. A sash window restoration company will have all the right kit to do the job and will likely have seen all the main issues found in wooden windows.


Are there any temporary, budget friendly fixes for sash windows?

Temporary fixes are fine until a full permanent repair is possible. Weather stripping and draft stoppers will help you put in place a short term fix but be sure to deal with the problem properly as soon as you can to stop bigger issues.


Is it worth replacing my sash windows instead of repairing them?

In some cases wooden windows may be beyond repair and require a more costly replacement. However an expert will be able to tell you the pros and cons on an individual case by case basis and what is best for your home.


Are there any preventive measures to prolong the lifespan of sash windows?

Keep your sash windows clean, painted or stained, and if you spot any issues or signs of damage, look to resolve them ASAP.


The Ultimate Tip for Keeping Costs Down

The best way to keep costs down is to maintain your wooden sash windows. By doing this you can avoid the need for a full replacement.

Keep tabs on rotting wood, seal any drafts, and promptly address paint and finish issues to ensure you don’t need to shell out on new windows.



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