Revamping your bedroom on a budget

I think it is really important to have a beautiful bedroom that both meets your needs in terms of comfort and design as well as looking gorgeous. My bedroom hasn’t achieved any of these functions in quite some time and indeed I cannot wait till out home makeover  reaches our bedroom.

As you know I like to be able to achieve our projects on a budget and I have a firm belief that small scale changes can reap big rewards. Money isn’t always the answer often it is to do with effort and creative thinking and remembering we have 5 senses not just our sight.

Here are my top tips for bedroom revamping on a budget

1) A really good declutter is always the number 1 step to any revamp. If it isn’t useful and isn’t beautiful it isn’t in the right room! Aiming for as serene an environment as possible will help you feel serene and this of course will aid sleep. Grab those bin liners and be ruthless. it isn’t easy always to let o of stuff but you will feel much better for it. It’s amazing what can gather under a bed along side all the dust!

2) Cleaning is an obvious step in revamping room but a real good clean makes a room fresh and sparkly so really get stuck in. Gleaming windows filled with sunlight are always beautiful, dusty ones always ugly. It is worth the extra effort.

3)  I  love nice smell in a bedroom so a gently plug in or a little pot of lavender or pillow spray is a nice touch. Even a small bowl of pot pourri or a febreeze spray on the curtans can make a difference.

4) New bed linen always looks wonderful but if money is tight, a good iron  of an old set and perhaps a few cushions could make all the difference.

5) A simple jar of flowers even wildflowers makes a room look much loved

snowdrop jam jar

6)  Make sure your bed is in peak condition or no matter how you revamp you room you aren’t going to sleep well. For a great nights sleep try the great range of beds from

7) A lick of fresh paint particularly gloss work can really spruce up a room.

8) And how about wall papering a small feature wall?

9) Knowing your own style is really important when revamping any room. A patchwork quilt can look homely, candles create a romantic feel, black and white photos look modern , aged chandeliers look glamorous.Keep an eye out too for beds for sale to suit any bedroom style

10) Last but not least when revamping any room add in something new you love. I’m thinking an orchard, a new family photo, a piece of art, a new vase or even a new throw but give the room a little gift ( even if it is borrowed from another room rather than new.

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