Beano Annual 2014 Review

Today – Beano Annual 2014 Review


We are massive, huge enormous Beano fans in our house. My son jumps out of bed on  a Wednesday morning so excited to go to the shop on the way to school and see if his Beano is in.

If there wasn’t a Beano annual in his Christmas stocking he would most definitely feel Santa had the wrong list. The Beano annual is as expected as crackers and mince pies. It was when I was a kid too. My sister was mad about The Beano. It really does span generations, in fact it is 75 years old this year!!!

Beano Annual 2014 Review


I have to say it delights me that he choose good old fashioned practical joker Dennis over his tv film and merchandise tie in counterparts. Its not about making him want stuff, or crave using the internet or collect things nope its just a really good fun read with the occasional catapult or whoopee cushion thrown in.


Beano Annual 2014 Review

The annual is packed full with Dennis the Menace, Ball Boy and Minnie the Mix .It also has has puzzles, revolting rhymes, jokes Rodger the Dodger and the Bash Street Kids. In fact lots of good old fashioned fun.

It’s colourful, funny and naughty just as it always was.  A top gift for Christjmas.

Beano Annual 2014 (Annuals 2014) is avaiable for £4.19 from Amazon


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