Review: Bisto stock melts

Bisto has launched a brand new product; Bisto Stock Melts. . The Stock Melts are designed to pack flavour into home cooking and help recreate the professional restaurant taste, but with much less salt than competitor products on the market.These are a gel product packed with flavour and you simply add them to hot water.  I trialled a vegetarian stock melt in a risotto I made (my first ever) and it was absolutely yummy, really tasty.

You get six melts to a pack and they cost £1.89. I didn’t use any other herbs or flavouring and they tasted gorgeous.
My little chefs helped me out and ate up their first ever risotto with gusto. Fabulous.





Disclaimer: The PR company for Bisto sent the kids their lovely chefs hats and apron and me the lovely stock. I wanted a hat and apron with my name on too!  My thoughts and feelings as always are my own.


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