Review: Carte Noire Collection Espresso capsules

Today I am going to review Carte Noire Collection Espresso capsules

First thing in the morning whilst the children sleep I sneak downstairs for a peaceful coffee to wake me up and welcome in the day. It is one of the loveliest moments in my day and the thought of a good coffee helps me spring out of bed.



Review: Carte Noire Collection Espresso capsules

I have another when I return from the school run. If a friend pops by I may even sneak in one (or two) more.

You can safely say I am a coffee lover. My coffee machine is one of my most favourite possessions.

Sadly however I can no longer drink instant coffee!

Carte Noire sent me some Carte Noire Collection Espresso capsules to try at home and I am so glad they did…wow it’s great coffee!

Carte Noire Collection Espresso,is a range of espresso capsules compatible with most Nespresso* machines .



This is good news for me I have a Nespresso machine and I love Carte Noire.

The new capsules will be widely available in UK supermarket which is brilliant as I drink a lot of coffee and I like to know if I run out I can get my hands on more quickly!

The new range of capsules features four different flavours including…


N°3 Élégant is an exceptional pure Arabica coffee with a smooth and subtle taste enhanced by cereal notes.

N°5 Délicat is a pure Arabica coffee with fruity notes and a silky texture

N°7 Aromatique is an aromatic pure Arabica coffee with delicate hints of cocoa

Intense is a rich, intense blend of pure, darkly roasted Arabica coffee


 I love N°9 the most as I like my coffee intense, however to be fair I thought they were all delicious and would happily drink any of them. They all have a lovely flavour and taste delicious. They are just as good as you wold get at a really great restaurant /coffee shop without the expense. Fabulous for those of us who like great things without a great big price tag.

This post is an entry in the Foodies100 Espresso Collective Challenge, sponsored by Carte Noire. Each box of Carte Noire Espresso capsules contain 10 single servings and are available in supermarkets at an RRP of £2.79 and are available in four intensities.


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*Nespresso® is a registered trademark of a third party without any link with Mondelez International group. Compatible with all Nespresso®* machines bought before July 1, 2013. After that date, compatible with most Nespresso®* machines bought. For additional information regarding compatibility, please see UK:






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  1. March 10, 2014 / 18:11

    Oh I love coffee from your machine, it keeps me buzzing for days. Wonder if it comes in decaf?

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