Review: David Lloyd – much more than just a gym

Review: David Lloyd

Review: David Lloyd

I’ve been at David Lloyd for almost month now reviewing it as part of my wellbeing project  and I have to say I have found it exhausting and relaxing in equal parts but bith equally good for me!

My personal training programme has pushed me hard and I am so much fitter than when I started. Being given a professional programme has really helped. I can now exercise for 40 minutes instead of 5 with some high energy bursts in there too. I am delighted with this from just attending 3/4 times a week.

I have lost 4 lbs in total over 4 weeks not a great deal perhaps but I haven’t even looked at my diet yet. I feel so much stronger and my stamina is much improved.



I’ve found the best time of day for me to go( right after drop off so I don’t get all comfy and cost and into the groove of working at home) as gyms go there are always classes available (though I haven’t tried one just yet not quite fit enough for an hours work out yet. It always has enough equipment and their are lovely changing rooms room.

Review: David Lloyd Racquets

But there is much more to David Lloyd that the gym there’s a whole buzzing tennis community for a start. Kids being coached, beginner adult groups, matches, leagues it is all going on . We love tennis as a family. My kids already play somewhere else but if this was to be a gym we used as a family it would be for great to have it all under one roof. Firstly  it would keep the cost down and 2) they could play whilst we did something else thus freeing up time. Sometimes I sit for hours at their tennis club wishing their was something for me to do .


There are indoor and out door heated pools at David Lloyd which I have loved using and which are so relaxing. The kids have come with me and had great fun using these too. Again we could transfer their lessons to here and just use the one venue. I love that you could have  all your children’s sport under one roof.

Review: David Lloyd Cafe

There is also a lovely cafe at David Lloyd that serves everything (healthy) from snacks to meals. You really could spend the whole day. It’s more a ‘club’ than the gym.

So I have been pleasantly surprised by all that David Lloyd has to offer, the staff have been unfailingly friendly and helpful and I have really enjoyed my time so far.

I will tell you more about what is available for kids and about membership options when I do my final review blog. So far, so good


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  1. Joanne Mallon
    October 30, 2013 / 07:35

    Really interested to read about this as there is a David Lloyd gym in Brighton which I have always heard good things about but have never been to. I would love to hear more about the classes they offer as I tend to only do classes at the gym. Would it be terribly mean of me to challenge you to do a class before the next review? I can recommend BodyCombat and BodyPump, they are both really good fun.

  2. Frugal queen
    November 3, 2013 / 14:34

    Good news about the exercise – I’ve been gaming five times a week and have now started running – never felt better

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