Review: Leapfrog Leappad 2 Power from Asda

Asda have an amazing deal on the Leapfrog Leappad 2 power at the moment. It is the number 1 kids learning tablet and built specifically for kids. It is £56 reduced from £80!

LeapPad2 is the winner of the 2013 Educational Toy of the Year and People’s Choice award for toys. (Awards granted by the Toy Industry Association.) So it’s pretty impressive to get such a discount.

leappad 2 power

If you click through to Asda you can see the product video and learn a little more about it. We were delighted to be sent one to review.

Our favourite feature of the new Leappad is without hesitation the fact it has rechargeable batteries and an adaptor.. The last one seemed to eat our batteries This is much better for the budget.

The LeapPad2 learning tablet comes with 9 apps, 4GB memory and loads of exciting features. Pet Pad is a fab app where you can design than look after your own pet. My daughter designed a dog  and says its ‘really fun’. There is  (front &back) cameras and video recorders too so your kids can catch you eating their advent chocolate and such like.

You can draw and write on the 5″ touch screen with the included stylus. You can also draw on your photos in the Art Studio which is a big hit too as well as lots of other creative projects and these features and apps are all included.

Lisi and her daddy downloaded a game called Scout where she has to help out Scouts friend to win badges lots of clicking and mini games involved…she loves it!

Then you have the LeapFrogs educator-approved library which holds  hundreds of games, eBooks, videos, music and more. You can either play with game cartridges or download apps – the choice is yours. I love that it is a toy/tablet you can keep adding too. There is just so much to choose from. For Christmas (ssh! ) we are going to load it up with some Christmas songs and a polar bear game. and a calculator.

Another great feature is that parents can connect online to the LeapFrog Learning Path to see the details of their child’s play and learning, including levels achieved, skills practiced and recently played games.

The prices of apps and games ranges for £3.50 – £20 and you can grow your collection over time as your child grows.

What I like

I like that it is robust, child centred and child friendly and isn’t too advanced for their years. My son had a nexus at 8 and badges us constantly about being allowed on you tube! We are trying to postpone all that for as long as we can so this is perfect for our daughter aged 6.

I’ve been having a good look at the apps and games myself.

I think this app would be great…

Globe: Earth Adventures Icon

Globe earth adventures

Embark on an exciting world adventure! Fly around the globe to learn about geography, animals and cultures (games use actual photos of animals and landmarks). Build map skills, complete missions, collect Adventure Cards and work to become an elite member of the GEO team!

There are just so many to choose from. So great fun whilst learning too. Perfect!

We really like this tablet. I like that it is all hers and not a mini version of mine.



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