Review: Mathable games by Carol Vorderman

Wooky Europe has teamed up with Carol Vorderman to launch the very latest maths puzzles – Carol Vorderman’s Mathable. We were sent the following to review:

Mathable Quattro costs £5.25 and is available from the Entertainer and Amazon

Mathable Quatro

Without telling you all the rules in great detail this is basically a simple but fun card game which means you are constantly doing maths. The idea is to get rid of all you cards by making up equations with the cards already placed. Its not al t all complicated but you have to play it to know what I mean. Excellent for mental arithmetic!  We have had a lot of fun and learning with this. keeps the old brain sharp and helps my 8 year old too.

Mathable Game Book

We were also sent the Mathable game book £4.05 which is full of over 120 fun and intriguing maths puzzles (I found them a bit tricky but its YEARS since I did maths!)

Anything that get the kids into math is great by me and its fun to make learning maths in to a game.

The Mathable® range is suitable for anyone aged 9+ and Mathable Jr. range is suitable for children aged 5+, each product is designed to use logic, strategy and math skills to beat opponents and gain the highest score. For more information please visit


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