Review of Ripleys Believe it or Not

Last week I took my 8 year old daughter up to London to visit Ripley’s Believe It or Not,

Robert  Ripley (1890–1949), the founder of this collection  was an explorer, reporter, adventurer, and collector, who travelled to 201 countries in 35 years seeking the unusual items.

robert ripley

Ripley’s is a place full of curiosities, a little bit like the old freak show at fairs (though of course, thankfully,  nothing is live)

Step inside a world where the bizarre and the unbelievable come to life and amazement is waiting around every corner – whether it’s an actual chunk of the Berlin Wall, or our Amazonian shrunken heads; a knitted Ferrari or a chewing gum sculpture, at Ripley’s there are mind-boggling wonders for even the wildest imagination. If it’s truly unbelievable, it’s in here!

So much culture talent and bizarreness on display you will go wow a lot at Ripley’s. We were completely enchanted.

Let me tell what you can find at Ripley’s….

Great interactive features

Kids love to get physical and there lots of interactive fun at Ripley’s including a mirror maze and a  black hole walkway that makes you feel really giddy despite the fact it is just an illusion.  Despite going on a Saturday we did not have to queue for anything ( we did get there for opening though.)

dis daughter

Check out my disappearing daughter

Interesting people

Robert Ripley encountered many extraordinary people on his travels , super talented and unusual people like the man who had space for a candle drilled into his head and the tallest man who ever lived, Robert Wadlow at 8ft 11. It made me so sad to think how challenging life must have been for him and the others (dog faced man and the eye p0pping man) I did feel a little uncomfortable about some of these exhibits and glad we no longer have people on display for being different.


There were lots of amazing pictures made form matches and bead, smoke, bottle tops and even poo. They really were incredible and this was my favourite part!



Shrunken schools and bizarre coffins, elephant masks, headdresses and chastity belts from around the world. Such an interesting collection!

el mask

The Wonderland collection

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the iconic Alice in Wonderland, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! London has a whole gallery devoted to Alice.

You can explore a giant chess set and tea cup as well as an awesome room which gives the illusion you are either a giant or very small. There is also an upside down room and the Marvellous Mirror Maze. Great fun!

There are many more fabulous things to see a Ripley’s. we loved it!

There is also a little cafe and a lovely little gift shop with pocket money toys and more!) We were there for hours and were totally fascinated and I would absolutely go again and take my son!

A brilliant day out.

My favourite piece of all? It has to be the car covered in crystals.

crystal car


Prices vary depending on when you book but roughly £20-£26 fro adults  and £15- £20 for kids.

Disabled access is good – Although the attraction is located over six levels, it has full disabled access with staff operated lifts between each floor and visitor assistants on hand to help if needed




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