The Cube Board Game Review

Today – The Cube board game review

So excited that The Cube is back on TV and thought you might like a read of my Cube Board Game review

It’s the perfect time to introduce a new board game, it’s nearly Christmas, there are lots of local lockdowns – board games rule right now! 

We absolutely love playing board games do you? and oh my goodness we were so delighted to be offered The Cube board game review.



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The Cube board game review

We have often watched The Cube on TV it is the perfect game for the family to watch, lots of action lots of oooh and agggh moments and brilliant challenges. I have to admit I rather like Philip Schofield too. (I once saw him in Joseph in the West End  and I swear he winked at me.) Here are our  thoughts on our The Cube Board Game review. The whole family contributed to this by the way and let me know what they thought.


Where to buy The Cube board game

We were excited to receive the board game The Cube to review from House of Fraser last week. They no longer sell it but you get The Cube board game from Amazon and most good toy shops


The Cube board game review – how to play

The game is very like the TV show in that you are aiming to get as much money as possible, you have one simplify and one trial run card and 9 lives. Each of you attempts the same challenge.

Some of the challenges are mental such as adding numbers together quickly or guessing when  the line will reach the other side. For these games there is a very smart electronic unit that times you and presents the challenge. Other games are practical, such as balancing balls or constructing tubes and spinning around with them (super slowly) so nothing falls out.



The cube game review


The Cube board game  instructions

Don’t fret if you lose your The cube board game instructions you can pop over and download them from here


The Cube game review

Lots of giggles playing this game and it really was tricky!

I had to give my 8 year old daughter quite a few extra lives (or she would have been out stright away) but we had a blast and will most definitely play this game again. I love games that are a bit different and really push you and this is definitely one of those.

Highly recommended  – this game is robust, varied, challenging and fun and it made us giggle.


The Cube board game cost

The Cube board game costs around £25 and is suitable for children and adults aged 8+ we definitely felt it was value for money

I hope you found this review and details of where to find the Cube board game instructions useful!

Have you ever had a go playing this cool game ?



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