Phoenix gold ceramic iron Review

pheonix gold, Phoenix gold ceramic iron review


Phoenix gold ceramic iron review

My son starts secondary school in a couple of weeks and we move from wearing polo shirts (that I never ironed) to wearing school shirts which I shall have to.

I haven’t ironed in a very long time and I rather damage our old iron in a hama bead incident.  My husband irons his own shirts but moans constantly about the gooey stuff from the hama bead incident. I think you could say we were in need of a new iron.

So we were rather delighted to be sent the Phoenix gold ceramic iron to review. It certainly sounded promising

With a state of the art, high-pressure steam generator and non-stick ceramic plates, the Phoenix Gold offers a gold standard of care for your clothes and a ground-breaking approach to the daily chore or ironing.

What puts me off ironing is the amount of work you can put it and the garment can still end up looking totally creased up. the Phoenix Gold how veer really did feel effortless to use.


How we got on with the Phoenix Gold Iron Review

The Phoenix Gold Iron is designed with a special crease-busting, non-stick ceramic-plate which glides through fabrics and it has a continuous steam feature that just powers through stubborn creases.

It is so powerful you can even iron without contact, making it perfect to use as a garment steamer I used it to steam my daughters dress whilst it was hanging up and it came out perfectly.

It’s so powerful it can even iron through multiple layers at once. And because you can use it without the need for an ironing board and vertically you can also use it on cushions and curtains and duvets and pillows too.

I loved using it, it felt smooth and efficient and made light work of the dreaded ironing.
The Phoenix Gold also has a special brush to help remove pet hair and fluff and the steam also neutralises bad smells. It also has a swivel joint cable on the cord which makes it easy to work through the toughest of creases.

The water tank is big enough to keep ironing for ages without refilling and I have to say this really is a top-notch iron. Even my hubby is impressed  which is a good thing as I am trying to persuade him to be responsible for ironing school shirts along with his work shirts!)


Where to buy the Phoenix Gold Iron

The Phoenix Gold Iron costs £49.99, available from Asda, Homebase, Robert Dyas, Wilkos, Dunelm, The Original Factor Shop, Debenhams, The Range, Argos, Morrison’s and


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