Review: Revellutions RC Hell Storm Buggy

Today – Revellutions RC Hell Storm Buggy 


We are loving the fabulous  Revellutions RC Hell Storm Buggy 

It is very robust and you feel it will survive long after other lesser models will have bitten the dust, the chassis is made form high polymer plastic.

It is great fun to take out and about even if there are a few puddles or the skate park is a bit gritty . You can use it in any weather as it is splash and dust proof too this made it a big hit with my 8 year old.

Revellutions RC Hell Storm Buggy

Revellutions RC Hell Storm Buggy

It is fast,  up to 30knm per hour and it simply whizzes along.

It is also really robust without wires and fragile bits and bobs sticking up just waiting to get snapped off. You don’t have to be ‘careful’ with this. And lets boy honest young lads having fun aren’t that careful and don’t want to be careful as it can really take the fun out of things,

The battery simply slots into the car without the need for wired connections. How nice!  We have broken so many remote control cars in the past it had really put me off buying them.

So it looks cool, its tough, fast and practical and weatherproof.  He and I both LOVE it!
Available from and all good toy stores.

For further information visit

It retails at £35.99


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