Review: Walkers Mighty Lights

From as long as I can recall Walkers crisps have been  a staple in our house.

I have eaten Walkers crisps since I was really small. Walkers is one of those tried and trusted brands we really feel ‘secure’ with like Heinz and Andrex! I never did like stronger flavours like prawn cocktail or roast beef and as a veggie now only stick to non meaty non fishy flavours even if they are veggie friendly.


We love them Walkers crisps, mainly we eat them with toasted salad sandwiches or egg mayo baguettes. We tend to eat them at lunch times. We always have them in the house .

I like Ready Salted or Salt and Vinegar and Jonny likes Cheese and Onion.The kids like French Fries. Lovely lovely. Always have them at parties too and my mum always put them on our Christmas dinner with the sausages (though everyone tells me this is very weird.

I have to admit  we are the kind of family who aren’t too adventurous where food is concerned so we didn’t get madly excited when the new Walkers mighty lights were delivered for us to review. They looked nice and familiar though!

I have never been a big fan of crinkle cut crisps for some reason not sure why i think it makes them feel a little too thick    (I feel the same about potato wedges v’s chips.)

I tried the lightly salted not being a fan of cheese and onion flavours and I thought they were nice and crunchy but a bit too flavourful if anything. Jonny  disagreed totally and thought they were really lovely but the kids took a little while to get used to them thinking they tasted a bit too salty?

Jonny really enjoyed the cheese and onion flavour too  he said it was nice and strong and that they tasted a lot less greasy than normal. He  said he would definitely buy these.

With 30% less fat  than standard crisps per packet  I am happy to try these a few more times though to see if we can get used to them. I still don’t think I would send crisps to school though but these would be a preference if I did. I will certainly buy them for Jonny.

We gave the chicken flavour away. We know they are suitable for vegetarians but none of us like a meaty taste. We gave them to Frankie’s friends family and they raved about them. they said they thought they had an excellent flavor and would defiantly buy them next time they went shopping …high praise indeed!

So from a fairly small sampling my conclusions would be this. If you like a stronger flavour these are the crisps for you.

To find out more about the crisps why not head over to the website at



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