What to do when you win the lottery – review

What to do when you win the lottery by Cathy Bussey is published by Golden Guides Press (March 2012)

I thought this was rather an odd idea for a book until my husband pointed out that millions of people gamble on it every week and probably each of these people have had the conversation if not the thought ‘If I won the lottery I would….’

It is actually a very interesting book. Since 1994 the National Lottery has created over 2,500 millionaires and raised over wait for it…..26 BILLION pounds for good causes including giving 2.2 million to the Olympics and 59 million to the Eden Project. Wow!  70% of UK adults play it regularly  so I guess there is a book to be written about it.

What to Do When You Win the Lottery



What to do when you win the lottery – review

This book is actually very well put together. It is full of interesting stories of how people have spent , blown or made good use of their money. It tells you stories of missing tickets, found tickets, misrepresented tickets. It tells you what you can buy for a million and it explores all your options such as should you tell the world, stay in your job, save or spend?

it is informative and entertaining and a good read to accompany what is now a national pastime! I’m not a lottery player but I really enjoyed the read.

The book retails for £14.99 though you can buy it new form £8 incl postage on Amazon  


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