Room Makeover on a Budget : Boys Bedroom Part 3

Room Makeover on a BudgetSponsored by Argos

Well we have got to the part we have to paint and we have to clean and we HAVE to tackle the storage issues in this room.  I have to say on getting it ready for decorating I was beyond shocked at how many little bits and bobs and broken toys and old comics and just ‘things’ were all over this room.

Argos do affordable bedroom furniture and have a huge range luckily for us we awere offered some items to review. Here is our furniture plan…..designed to tackle the storage issue.


Storage Solutions

The Lego storage we have from Argos is going to help a lot and actually we may get some more.  It gives F a fighting chance at putting it away! Before it was in a massive plastic box and he would just empty the whole lot out when he wanted it. and then it would be too much to put away so he would not bother.

These smaller bricks make a more manageable amount, they stack so don’t take up so much room space and they are super cute.

We had to move his jellyfish aquarium away from beside his bed for safety and so ensured the stand we bought for this had a storage too. This enabled us to get rid of the old purple cupboard covered in childish stickers that he had long outgrown.

Our third storage solution was to ensure that the new bed did not allow stuff to be shoved underneath it but did allow a nice amount of storage. Argos have a lovely range of well priced beds and this one suited our needs perfectly .

By sorting out the desk and purchasing a chair to go with it (long overdue) this meant the desk will be used as a desk rather than a dumping ground. More pencil cases helped as did a good declutter. The chair is super stylish and great value  it matches the desk (possibly originally from ikea) perfectly .


Taking repsonsibility

Decluttering helped a lot actually and a lot of this i did whilst F was at school. decluttering around kids is not always fruitful. I did involve him in some of it.

His comics are very dear to him and I know  he wants to keep them all, But really their is a huge amount and not enough room. I gave him a few boxes and told him HALF had to go into hem to go up the loft with the promise we would bring them down and exchange them for others whenever he wishes. We needed to get some control back in this out of control room.

And to manage the books which were overflowing the bookcases to the floor we actually went through all his many many books, took out the ones for younger children and moved all of these into his younger sisters room. So she got the new bookcase and books and his room did n’ t look so crowded. Would have loved to put in one of Argos chic wardrobes too but the room is just too small do the chest of drawers full of clothes will have to stay on the landing.

We deliberately chose to keep this room white to help it look spacious and calm as its not so big and it is  still, despite my very best efforts,  pretty cluttered.

What an exhausting process!

Better crack on …






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