What to do with any rubbish Christmas Presents?

What to do with any rubbish Christmas Presents? oh we have all wondered this haven’t we?

Nobody sets out to buy anyone else a rubbish Christmas present ( well I  would hope not!) It just is a fact of life that ones mans junk is another mans treasure. Basically what I think makes a fab present you may think …oh no!

Obviously I got brilliant presents (with absolutely no rubbish ones)  but let me tell you about one of my friends.


rubbish gift, rubbihs christmas presents


What to do with any rubbish Christmas Presents?

Stacey got some earrings for Christmas that are big and loud and purple. These were bought for her by Tamara who  loves bold statement jewellery and as she is tall with long dark hair these earrings would probably have looked great on her.

Buying then for Stacey who was small, neat and minimalist was a real error borne out of Tamera LOVE for these earrings. So despite  the good intent these were a rubbish present for Stacey. So what should Stacey do?

Is regifting the answer?


rubbish Christmas Presents

I personally would label up who gave them to me and when  and put them in my present drawer . A year of so later I would re-gift to a flamboyant earring loving friend who has zero connection with Tamera. If Tamera ever asks where the sassy earrings are you can honestly say after a year,you passed them onto a vibrant friend as they were a bit more suited to her. If she ask s before then and is presistant you can always pop them on.

Present drawers are great if well managed. You don’t need receipts , the gift is on standby for a while if the giver INSISTS in it being paraded and you are recycling! It is fine to acknowledge somethings aren’ t right for us and that someone else will love it. Think of it not as passing on you rejects more like finding a good home for something lovely / rubbish Christmas presents.








  1. Debt Busting Chick
    December 29, 2013 / 09:28

    I love this post. This is exactly what I would do. There’s no point holding on to a gift that you don’t like. I’ve re-wrapped a few and passed them on to others, making sure they have no connection with the original buyer too!

  2. Jen aka The Mad House
    January 7, 2014 / 09:55

    I have done this in the past too. I have also sold them on ebay though!

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