The Safest and Most Cost Effective Vehicles in the World

The Safest and Most Cost Effective Vehicles in the World


The Safest and Most Cost Effective Vehicles in the World

In a world where the economy seems more changeable than the weather, people need to find as many places as they can to save a few pounds to make their lives more comfortable. One of the biggest costs in this country is transport. Firstly, the vehicles themselves are expensive to purchase, but, once you have yours, it costs an arm and leg to run it. One of the ways people can improve their financial situation is to buy a more cost effective vehicle. Doing this also comes with its own benefits, for example, they are usually safer to use, better for the planet, and in some cases, help you get in better shape.

I’ve done some digging, and I’ve found four vehicles that are perfect for this as well as being extremely practical in a big city environment.

Smart Fortwo

While some think they may look a bit silly they are perfect for city travel. This is in part due to their size, they’re pretty tiny. You can park them anywhere, and if you live in a crampedtown or metropolis, I don’t need to tell you how much of a boon this is. They can park in the smaller spaces that you wouldn’t even be able to get an original Mini into.

The Smart Fortwo is one of the cheapest cars on the market, due to its size and because it’s rather slow, and small, it’s one of the safer cars as well. It wouldn’t be suited to driving around the roads in the Forest of Dean, however, it’s perfect for London, for example. Some people claim that they aren’t safe as they are so small and so if you got into a high speedcollision, you’re likely to be crushed, however in London, it’s quite difficult to get into a high speed collision.

The Humble Bike

It’s a classic. It’s relatively safe, it’s cheap, costs nothing to run (apart from fat), and you never get caught in traffic. It’s the perfect city vehicle, if you can be bothered to expend the energy required to use it. When something goes wrong with abicycle, it’s usually quite easy to fix, unlike a car whichusually has to spend days in a garage in the scary part of town.

Now, bikes are perfect, and people are beginning to realise this more and more. It’s becoming very fashionable to cycle – even if you cause untold stress and anger to motorists. There are even cycle to work schemes popping up around the country that give employees benefits if their employer signs up; for example you can get discounts on cycles. If you can be bothered, bikes are really worth the effort.

Also, you save the polar bears!

The Electric Bicycle

When you can’t be bothered with all that pedalling, you might want to try an electric bike. It has all the same benefits of a normal bicycle, but added electric power, which means extra propulsion. It takes half the strain out of cycling. They are powered by rechargeable batteries which mean that they are more expensive to run than a normal pedal cycle and also cost more to purchase in the first place. However, they are easier to use – might need to create a pros and cons list.

Although better for the polar bears than a car, they still use electricity, so, you know.

Live Longer, Spend Less

Cutting down on costs, emissions, and fat is great and it will give you that feeling that you’re doing something good – once you get your breath back if you choose the normal bike. It’s the wise thing to do, however, if none of these take your fancy, you could always get a moped (or scooter as most people call it) or even a tuktuk (Google them, they’re brilliant).

How about a scooter?






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