Save money by ordering envelopes in bulk

Have you ever heard of

envelopes in bulk


Well, my frugal loving friends, this is a site you will be pleased to be introduced to. If like me your usual route to buying envelopes is to pick them up at the post office I think you will find this really is a much better option.

Well, it is absolutely the website you need to visit if you are looking for envelopes, whether for your business or personal use, for use at home or for special occasions. They offer the largest range of coloured envelopes, bubble envelopes, business envelopes, plastic envelopes and packaging supplies in Europe. They are known for their personal service, you can order a sample of the product you want to order and you can also get personalized envelopes printed with your own design. You can also bulk buy which is fabulous and this can be a real money saver.

How absolutely perfect is that for us thrifty types!  You can find them at


Personalised orders

I do like they can send you a sample of personalised orders before you commit.. I love being able to get a sample of a product before I put in a bulk order don’t you. It can save you wasting money and puts you in complete control of your order. Personalised envelopes would work really well for small businesses, wedding invites perhaps or just if you want to be uber cool!


Save money by ordering envelopes in bulk

Do you bulk send using envelopes? I sell a selection of cards on amazon. You can have a peek here.  I am so proud of them! I created them a couple of years ago now. They are cards that promote friendship and confidence in children. They need to be packaged in a small enough envelope so that they can fit though a door but a slightly padded one so the box doesnt not get bent/scuffed.  These can be pricey if you buy them individually – envelopes like these but oh my goodness you get such brilliant savings from buy the best envelope.

If you regularly sell on eBay this would also be a great way of making good savings and consequently adding to your profitability. Actually, if you own a business of any type it really does make complete sense to bulk buy in your envelopes.

Do tell me about your posting habits and if this would work for you and save you money?

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