Saving for our children’s future.

I have been saving in various ways for our children’s future ever since they were born.

I am not materialistic and owning stuff is not important to me per se but buying our family home really mattered to me. It was our financial first investment into our kids… not just in terms of a home to love in and grow up  but also as a financial investment for the future. One day I hope the money from our home will help them out and give them some security.

My parents were not in this position and had always rented their homes… they left me with the best ever memories but no financial provision. I don’t care at all that this was the case  but for my own kids well I want to be sure there are monies available to them should they need it after I have gone.

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I now save a little month by month that steadily builds in their account and which I will not give them access to until they actually need it.

What do I want them to spend it on?

Part of me wants to encourage them to be sensible and spend the money on a property deposit to get them started. I was given my property  deposit by a good friend as a gift without that gift I’d probably be far further down the property ladder than I am. It is hard to get a deposit together and I hope to help them with that.

I would also like to buy them their first car out of my savings for them and support any weddings that may occur. This is all so predictable isn’t it but Oh so important too.

Then there is the other stuff. What I think of as the emergency fund.

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My mum bailed my out of one or two tricky situations by having money saved up and available to help me. She part funded time on a kibbutz which sorted my head out when teen life was too stressful. She helped me pay for a messy divorce too.These perhaps arent the stuff we dream about spending our savings for a children on but I think the fact she was able to help me out when i absolutely most needed it by having the money there saved for me was just so important to both of us. Life changing for me.

So yes I want my savings for my kids to help with the usual predictable big expenses of emerging adulthood but I also want my savings for them to be there to help them out in the tough times. For one thing I have learned in life…there will be tough times where money can make a difference.

My children will remain my babies even when they are grown  and I never want to see them struggling and  be unable to help.

I think if possible we should all put a little away for our children’s future.  Look round for an account that is right for you There are some great savings accounts services at Santander

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  1. June 18, 2014 / 17:10

    we save for our children in different ways too…wither by saving account or money for their university. we all do what we can x

    thank you for linking up with the #pinitparty

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