Seasonal Inspiration for the Home

April is a month that is all about changes in the air as we welcome a warmer climate and do away with the past 6 months of dark days.

This is a time when people will finally clear out all that built up winter clutter and freshen up the home with seasonal inspiration. This usually falls into that fabled fresh coat of paint or new curtains, but some people’s desires stretch much further. Spring brings a celebratory and back to nature vibe and people can bring their homes into the season with some additional touch-ups.

Seasonal Inspiration for the Home

Rug Roll-Up

That warm rug has done its job for the winter cold in providing the room with comfort, but as things will soon start to get warmer people are preparing to look at options that will cool the room.

Rolling up the rug and pulling up the carpet is a perfect activity that provides an opportunity for a cooler flooring option. Whilst some like real hardwood floors, the better option is luxury vinyl flooring. Not only does it perfectly replicate wood or stone finishes, but it also is perfect for low maintenance and cleaning, meaning just a simple sweep and mop will keep it fresh and looking like its installation day.

Quick step lvt flooring is also extremely comfortable underfoot and can be perfectly placed over underfloor heating systems if the seasons begin to change and the cold starts creeping back in.


Bright Colour Scheme

If your room has dull, faded or obscure colours on your fixtures or walls, you probably feel like charging your home by splashing out on some nice bright or neutral colours.

Bright colours help our moods and mental well-being, providing a nice glow when the sun shines and continuing brightness when the sun goes down. Some fresh additions of paint and hanging up paintings or photo canvas provide a new personality as well as a happy atmosphere all year round.

Colourful pictures instead of black and white photography are much more welcoming during the sunnier seasons, and they can always be changed back if you have others waiting in the cupboard.



Seasonal Inspiration for the Home

Replace Older Furniture

You have probably been lounging more than ever whilst working from home and those couches and chairs have seen a fair amount of backsides than usual.

If your seating is a bit indented and uneasy in its comfort, then why not go all the way out with the old and in with the new. A new sofa suite always makes the home feel fresh, and it gives you a great opportunity to clear out all that accumulated stuff underneath. Isn’t it always amazing what things you can find under a sofa set? This also helps with your declutter plans and motivates you to throw away all useless and unwanted items.

With Spring in full flow, it should be time to spring into action. Fresh colours, luxury vinyl flooring such as oak vinyl flooring, and new furniture suites are a tremendous start to a fun sunny year ahead and make a huge difference to your home.


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