Second Hand September with Oxfam


Oxfam are asking everyone to pledge to buy no new clothes for 30 days and take the pledge for second-hand September

Every week 11 million items of clothing end up in landfill. Throwaway fashion is putting increasing pressure on our planet and its people – it’s unsustainable.

I have taken the Second Hand September pledge and I wonder is it something you fancy joining in with too? It could totally revolutionise how you shop and will most certainly save you money in the family budget.


The benefits of buying second-hand clothes

I have, as long as I can recall bought clothes and books that are pre-loved. I suppose it started when I was a student and money was ascarce and  buying form charity shops seemed such a great way to get cheap new clothes.  When I was studying I worked for a little while in a Barnardos charity shop and I learned a few fabulous things about chairty shop shopping in the process

1) You can get some wonderful quality clothes in charity shiops

2) The chairties make a lot of really usueful money form your purchases

3) You are saving a huge  amount of clothes from  landfil/incineraton in the process of buying pre-loved

4) You sare shunning cheap fast fashion and the expliotation that goes into producing it

5) You are saving a lot of money


So many wins from shopping second hand.


Where to buy second-hand clothes

Car boot sales, eBay, Gumtree, Jumble sales and charity shops are great sources for pre-loved clothes.


Do let me know if you are joining in!


Further reading

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