Second Hand Shopping Infographic

Second hand shopping is flourishing partuclarly if you live in Norwich! Check out these interesting facts about shopping second hand via Preloved.

Family Budgeting is proud to showcase Preloved as it is …..

It’s fast – No waiting 7 days for an auction to finish. No procession of potential bidders coming to visit. No travelling miles to then later be outbid. We also provide rather clever ad alert services to potential buyers, which mean that, quick-as-a-flash, they’ll be notified if you’re selling an item they want.

It’s free to sell – Preloved has no listing fees, no selling fees and no catches.

It’s local – Once you become a member of Preloved, we automatically prioritise adverts in your local area. This means you can visit the seller and inspect the item before handing over the cash.

It’s friendly – Preloved aims to connect you with local people that share your common interests. We hope that you not only grab yourself a second hand bargain, you’ll make a friend in the process.

It’s all about second hand – Most items on Preloved are second hand. Therefore, items are cheap because they have been previously owned, not because they’re … well, just cheap.

It’s good for the planet – Selling second hand is a one of the most effective ways to recycle. By finding a new home for your unwanted items, you are cutting down on unnecessary manufacturing and land fill.



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