Be sensible with your cash but don’t make life too dull

Guest post 

When you’re on a budget, the first thing that you’re likely to cut down on are any unnecessary expenses – things like holidays abroad, nights out and gym memberships. But however hard you’re trying to reduce your expenditure and clear your debts, it’s unreasonable to expect to limit all avenues of fun completely.

If you can be bothered to make the effort there are lots of ways you can cut down your monthly spending. For example, you can drastically reduce household bills by shopping around for better deals on tariffs for electricity and gas, and other regular bills such as insurance and telecomms. With the internet, it’s so much easier than it used to be to research for better deals – you only need to put your details down once on a price comparison website and you’ll get a range of choices for electricity, for example. In just an hour or so, you’ll probably be able to find better prices for all your household bills and you could end up saving hundreds. 

And with the money you’ve saved on the essentials in life, although you’ll want to put most of that towards paying off any debts and maybe saving up for bigger treats further down the line like a holiday, you can still have the odd splurge now and then. Even something as small as buying a lotto ticket can give you something to look forward to on draw night, and you never know, you might end up hitting the jackpot, in which case all your money worries would be far behind you forever more! You could join thousands of online players participating in giant jackpots draws every week for the Euromillions lottery. It’s a small stake for a potentially life-changing prize! And if you play on a rollover week, you’ll increase the chances of winning, so you could limit yourself to only playing in rollover draws.

Saving every penny all the time is a good policy, but you’ve got to have something to look forward to, and why not let that be a chance of winning a huge lottery?




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