Shop the Sales Smarter with Lyst

Have you heard of Lyst?

Oh there is shopping frenzy all around me at the moment and people do get so very carried away don’t they. How lovely would it be to have a personal shopper who does the hard work for you.

I am all for having a personal shopper, without actually having to pay for one though.

It is a rather fabulous shopping concept.

The Lyst website enables a shopping experience unique to each and every user.

After all we all want different things from a shop don’t we.?

The more you use the Lyst platform, the more it learns about you and your shopping habits so you start to only see things you love appear.

As well as making a tailored shopping experience, users can also lyst items to plan their wardrobes and wish lists and also be alerted when anything they lyst goes on sale or comes back in stock. Such a useful feature. I do like to know what is on sale!

How fabulous is that!

I am all for smarter shopping and let’s face it this really is the shopping season.  Have a look at the shop the sales smarter infographic and bear in mind the power of 3!

lyst_shopthesalessmarter, lyst





Wishing you smart shopping in the sales !


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