Should you follow your passion in your life?

What is your passion in life?

Do you yearn to live somewhere sunny?

Have you always wanted to play guitar night after night in dim lit bars and entertain?

Would you like to write a best selling novel?

Meet up with your first love?

Maybe you want to go back to college and do a PhD?


Should you follow your passion in your life?, Becky Goddard-Hill


Whatever your passion is in life you really should not hide it. I believe we feel passion for a reason and that we feel these passions because they tell what is right for us.

Obviously, we cannot just throw aside every responsibility – financial, familial or otherwise just to follow the call of our heart. But listen I believe we must to that loud drumbeat that calls us forth. We ignore it at our peril and in return our heart always feels a little sad and our lives a little too empty.

So how do we know when and how to embrace those things we are continuously tempted by? How can we find an idea so intoxicatingly attractive yet take an approach to it that is mindful and measured rather than diving in? When do we decide we really cannot follow our passion and just step back?

Some people consult a  Numerologist to get guidance on their lives. Some people look at their astrological charts and some ask their friends. I go very quiet when I wonder how to make my passions a part of my life and spend a great deal of time dreaming, dreaming what it would be like to have my passions fulfilled. Then I try to find a pathway that works – and sometimes mostly make this work without disturbing our finances or the status quo.

Sometimes though I just have to let my dreams go – knowing they don’t fit with the rest of my life or my responsibilities.

Do you follow your passions?


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  1. May 7, 2018 / 00:19

    Following your passion is great if you can monetize it at a high enough level to allow you to become financially independent. Otherwise choose a vocation you can become excellent at and passion will follow. Then you can keep your first love as a hobby.

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