Showering Saves Money

showering saves money


When I was a child we didn’t have central heating. We used to feed our electricity meter with 50p pieces and it seemed to guzzle them up (or so my mum said.) We had an old boiler that took about 1 hour to heat up and it would give you enough water for a bath and washing up .

We used to have a bath twice a week . Two of us sharing water. I didn’t like it  going in after my sister and because our house was cold getting out was even more unpleasant.  But it saved a lot of money sharing bath water so that’s what we did. I longed for a  shower and central heating but we didn’t have the money.

How times change.

After learning to love long soaks in hot baths, where the water was all mine and the room warm when I emerged, we are now all being encouraged to shower more, and bath less.

Showering save money. According to research the average bath uses 80 litres of hot water and the average showers uses 62. Over  time and taking into account each family member that  is a significant saving.

You can make even more savings if you purchase the right kind of shower head. The Mira Eco fixed shower head, for example (pictured above) saves up to 75% water  Reducing the amount of water used means less energy is used  and heating and water bills are reduced accordingly.

According to the energy saving trust

‘Saving water can reduce your water bill (if you’re on a water meter), reduce your energy use and bills, reduce the impact on your local environment, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by using less energy to pump, heat and treat the water.’

So you really are making a win on so many levels if you shower instead of bathe. . For showering to be as lovely as bathing I would suggest fluffy warm towels, fragrant luxurious shower gels and maybe some music playing.

Just think of all those pennies you’ll be saving whilst you shower!





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