Showroom Condition – How to Clean your Car Like a Professional

How to Clean your Car Like a Professional – lets take a look

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How to Clean your Car Like a Professional

It is always an exciting moment to be handed the keys to a shiny new car, and getting behind the wheel of that pristine vehicle makes it feel like it’s worth every penny.

Most of us like to keep our cars looking clean and tidy but often struggle to get the same showroom sparkle result when we do it ourselves.

Here are some tips on how to clean your car like a professional valet and not only get great results every time, but save money too.


How to Clean your Car Like a Professional


Regular car washing is important

There are some very good reasons why washing your car regularly is important, and not just for the satisfaction of having a beautifully clean car to hop into.

Regular cleaning will help to remove pollutants that can easily build up on your car over a fairly short period of time. This not only assists in keeping the paintwork in good condition and at a lower risk of avoidable damage, but also helps it to hold its value as well.

You can buy a number of accessories to help keep your car in pristine condition, however a good quality pressure washer from a trusted brand like is the best tool to use to give you stunning cleaning results every time.


How to Clean your Car Like a Professional


Top tips on How to Clean your Car Like a Professional

You should always clean your car from top to bottom. Start cleaning at the roof and work your way down, in order to allow any dirty water to run down the body without worrying about it affecting where you have just cleaned.

Don’t forget to clean your windows and wheels, and consider applying a car wax to your bodywork after cleaning, for an added layer of protection and to preserve its showroom finish.

Also make sure that you pay attention to your interior and clean the upholstery and carpets regularly with a vacuum cleaner to keep it looking and smelling fresh.


Ditch the bucket

Professional car cleaners don’t use a bucket and sponge to clean a car, so if you want a pro finish use a pressure washer like they do.

Start by rinsing the car all over with the spray, which will get rid of most of the accumulated dirt and grime that is on the surface of the bodywork. Having giving it an initial wash, apply a suitable car wash detergent to the entire exterior of the vehicle.

Using the car washing brush attachment that you may have bought with the pressure washer, start working from the top to the bottom of the car with consistent sweeping motions and applying the right amount of pressure to work the foam away as you clean.

Use the spray nozzle for a final rinse. One with a 25 degree angle will be just right for getting a great result and seeing your car come up nice and clean when you are done.


How to Clean your Car Like a Professional


How to Clean your Car Like a Professional – Interior cleaning tips

The inside of your car needs to match the sparkle you have achieved on the outside. If you want to get a pro finish then you might want to use an anti-dust compressed air spray like the ones used to clean things like keyboards.

This will help you to get into those little crevices where dust and dirt can accumulate. Wash and hoover the floor mats and use a micro-fibre cloth to clean up the dust as efficiently as possible.

With a bit of regular practice you can soon work out an efficient car cleaning routine, where you get professional results and a showroom finish every time.

Alicia Middleton works with home maintenance and deep cleaning services. After years on the job, she often blogs about the tools of the trade and how everyday homeowners can better maintain their own spaces.

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    I totally agree with you about the Karcher brand, when it comes to pressure washers.
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