Simple and Free Ways to Make Memories at Christmas

There are so many ways to make Christmas simple amazing without having to  spend much.

During the holiday season, many families have their own special traditions or memory making moments that they remember from growing up. Christmas time is such a fun time to continue those traditions from childhood or start new ones with your family. If you’re looking for some fun and simple ways to make memories during Christmas time then continue reading for some simple ideas that I want to share with you today.


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Encourage the Giving

Whether it’s a random act of kindness to strangers or going to volunteer your time, encourage the gift of giving during Christmas time. Have your family work together to volunteer at a local shelter or “adopt” a family that’s in need during the holiday season. Have fun giving to others in some small way every Christmas time as a new memory making tradition.


Decorate  early

Have the kids work with you to decorate the house in a Christmas thing the entire weekend after Thanksgiving. You can play Christmas music and dance around together as you put up your annual Christmas decorations in the home.


Create or Buy an Advent Calendar

There are some pretty awesome advent calendars on the market these days for you to count down to Christmas day with the family. You can either go online to buy your own advent calendar or create your own using a tutorial you find on Pinterest. This advent calendar can be a small gift once per day or chocolates; the choice is up to you. here are some great easy DIY advent calenders you may wish to have a go at.


Holiday Bucket List

This is a fun idea to do with the whole family to make some memories at Christmas time. Before December 1st rolls around, have everyone in the home write down a bucket list item that they’d like to do during the month of December. Try your best to complete every bucket list item, as a family, in December leading up to Christmas day.


Make Holiday Cards

Sit down as a family to create holiday cards for elderly people at the nursing home. Call your local nursing home to set up a date and time for you and your family to deliver these holiday cards. Be sure to include a card for the workers there as well, so that you can make this a memorable moment during Christmas time for everyone.


The ideas showcased above are just a few simple ways to make memories during Christmas time. You can get in touch with your inner child and creative side to come up with new ideas for your own family. Feel free to use my ideas as a starting point for learning how to make memories during Christmas time with your family.


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