A simple guide to energy shopping

a simple guide to energy shopping

A simple guide to energy shopping

Do you shop around to compare energy tariffs or do you think it all too much hassle?

I have heard people say that it is too much hassle so many times and really it isn’t just an excuse, it has been a genuine reason. It has all seemed both too confusing and too time consuming.

A recent survey by Ofgem* revealed that 43 per cent of customers do NOT shop around to compare energy tariffs. 24 per cent said the process was “too much hassle.”  The  new ‘Be An Energy Shopper’ campaign has been launched to get the nation bargain hunting for a better deal on their energy. As part of this campaign  an easy guide has been created – Go Energy Shopping to help cut through the confusion and help people to start shopping around for their energy.

This guide is brilliant and it tells you really plainly how energy shopping and tariff comparison is now going to be simpler, clearer and fairer (thank goodness – it is about time!)

These changes are due to recent reforms in the energy market and they include some very useful changes …from now on there will be:

  • Just 4 core tariffs for gas from any energy supplier.
  • Just 2 cash discounts allowed – for dual fuel and for managing your account online.
  • Your energy supplier will tell you which of their tariffs is cheapest for you.
    Price changes explained in Pounds and Pence.

And quite a few other really helpful alterations.

It is going to be much easier to shop around.

The ‘go energy shopping’ website talks you through step by step from how to find out what tariff you are on to how to compare it. It also gives you a list of accredited comparison sites so you know you are using an approved resource.

There’s even a comparison notepad you can download  to jot down the different tariffs you come across so you can see them all in one go.

What a great resource!

Hopefully now everyone will feel confident and capable enough to go energy shopping and will get to save lots of money in the process!

What are you waiting for!

* Ofgem is the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets. They are a non-ministerial government department and an independent National Regulatory Authority, recognised by EU Directives. Their principal objective when carrying out our functions is to protect the interests of existing and future electricity and gas consumers.

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