Simple Home Improvement Ideas that will Bring Fresh New Feel to Your Home

Are you bored of the same old style that has been present in your home? Are you looking for the next big home improvement project that will bring a fresh feel to your house? If so, then we recommend checking our bits of advice and pro tips on how to make your home look fabulous and feel fresh with just a few simple home improvement ideas.

Carpet Change

It’s always a good idea to change the carpet in your living room after a while. Whether it’s due to the carpet’s lost quality over the years or you just want to refresh your home and living room while adding a scent of new decor and patterns. Sometimes it’s quite difficult to notice the little changes that happened to the carpet over time and you might need to replace it with a new one as soon as possible. You can replace your carpet with an area rug in interesting and unusual patterns that will give your room a fancy new look. We recommend checking the Novogratz area rug collection to find cool designs and quality rugs for every room in your house.

If your room is more of a neutral type, you can go with an area rug with bright colors and abstract patterns. While if the room has darker tones and shades, an area rug in warmer and neutral colors and design is recommended, usually with simple clean lines and stripes.


Simple Home Improvement Ideas



Refresh The Room Old Floor With Paint

If your room has light or white-colored walls, then you can go ahead and paint the floor with paint that has a glossier sheen to bring more light or you can choose a darker color than the walls to add an illusion of more space in the room.

For wooden floors, you can use oil-based enamel paint or a standard oil-based porch. These oils will withstand the level of foot traffic and are more durable than the other floor paint alternatives. You can add a touch of personality to the room with this small detail that can transform the room entirely and make it look fresh and improved.


Paint The Walls

We all saw this one coming! It’s a common rule to paint the walls anytime we want to make changes in the house. You can give life to your washed-out walls with a proper coat of paint that will rearrange your reality. Besides the new feel of freshness, applying paint will also slow down the tear and wear process of the walls. It protects the home from water and sun exposure, plus the value of the property will increase. Investing in good paint for the walls is crucial to have a good outcome. Furthermore, it’s recommended to repaint the walls every 3-5 years.


Remodel The Kitchen Cabinets

Your kitchen may look a little outdated if you haven’t renovated it in a while. To bring back life to the kitchen space, you need to do small changes. If you are handy with tools, you can easily make some small, yet visible adjustments to your kitchen cabinets. Adding additional drawers, replacing gloomy boxes with new ones, adding shelves, and repainting the cabinets will do the trick. You can replace the old, dark color that was sucking the light out of the room with a new bright color that will ring life! And the best part is – you won’t spend a lot of money!

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Place Plants In The Rooms

This is a technique as old as time! But placing flowers in the rooms always refreshes the home and brings a scent of nature. You can have different types of flowers placed on the kitchen counter, table, in the corners of the floor and anywhere that is suitable. The flowers will give the room a fresh outlook, a feeling of more space, and an impression of a natural environment. The scent of particular flowers can brighten up your mood and make you feel happier and more relaxed. It’s worth mentioning that some flowers clean and filter the air, so you will have a natural filter in your house. Overall, we can say that flowers can complement your interior design and can help you meet your preferences and style.


Simple Home Improvement Ideas


Install Wallpapers

If you want to bring more diversity and colorfulness to your home, then wallpapers are the right choice! They are easy to install and you can never go wrong with a nice, complementing design pattern. The wallpapers have gone in and out of style for centuries, but they are always here when you want to create an attractive design without having to alter the walls permanently. You can choose a stylish pattern to add warmth, depth, and structure to the walls; plus wall imperfections can be hidden perfectly since the wallpapers adhere easily and smoothly to the walls.


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