Simply Cook Food Box Review

I am so excited to share my Simply Cook food box review with you.

Simply Cook food box review


What have you been cooking during the lockdown?

Me? I feel like I’ve been cooking endlessly and the same things over and over again. Seriously having all 4 of us at home all day every day was just an endless round of breakfast lunch and tea and I absolutely ran out of ideas.

I cannot tell you how excited I was to discover Simply Cook Boring, boring, boring. I do love to cook on a budget but I really do like variety too.

Simply Cook is a ‘food box’ subscription service with a difference, and it has loads of perks.

Let me tell you why I liked doing this Simply Cook Food Box Review  SO much.


simply cook meal box review


Simply Cook Food Box Review



Simply Cook is different to complete meal boxes in a few ways. Primarily it comes with the spices, sauces, pastes, rubs and recipes but not the fresh ingredients. This takes away loads of pressure to cook within a certain time frame that you get with competitors like Gousto and Hello Fresh.

You get to choose your recipes from the Simply Cook app and there are over 100 recipe choices from a wide variety of cuisines.

With a Simply Cook food box, you get four delicious meals per delivery. You can cook them when you are ready and of course, they have a MUCH longer shelf life than traditional complete meal boxes.


simply cook food box review




The team of chefs at Simply Cook have created recipes from around the world then popped all the tantalising tastes into the little pots of stock, seasoning and spices that you get delivered. The recipes sent with the pots are super simple and you only need to source 4-6 basic fresh items with each recipe. And the chefs have made sure the ingredients you need are available in your local supermarket or that they are items you would already have in your pantry.

I have to say I do love a home-cooked meal but I especially love it when it is simple to cook and the recipe and the ingredients are fuss-free.

And amazingly each and every Simply Cook recipe takes just 20 minutes to cook!


simply cook meal box review


Keeping it easy with the Simply Cook food box review

A couple of extra little bonuses which mean a lot in my busy life include the fact that this is letterbox sized delivery so we don’t have to be in when it arrives. It is super easy to choose what meals I want to make/have delivered via the app and I just love how easy it is to cancel at any time.

 Take a look at some of the lovely recipe ideas and little pots of goodness that go into creating them that we were sent.


Simply Cook food box review


How fabulous!

You need never be bored with your food choices again.


How much does Simply Cook cost?

Well, you can get a trial box for £3 and you can get a regular box for £9.99 and you can have deliveries weekly, fortnightly or monthly and cancel when you like.



Simply Cook Food Box Review Results

We think Simply Cook is pretty perfect as meal boxes go and we cannot wait to try some of there veggie options!

The more you cook the healthier you are according to Harvard health. Click here to find out why we should home cook more.


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