Six Tips to Keep Your New Internal Doors Looking Great

Every home has internal doors, but it also has the potential to have internal doors that don’t look great. Internal doors are a rare opportunity for you to be creative and show off your taste in interior design. If you get it wrong, though, you could create visual barriers or even ruin the flow of your home. Whether you have styled your home before or not, here are ten tips to keep your new internal doors looking great.


Make it last with the right wood finish

Door finishing is the process of preparing the wood on a door for painting or varnishing. Doors are subjected to a lot of abuse. They are constantly getting banged, kicked, slammed, and abused by some powerful winds. However, there are ways one can protect the door from different elements without spending much money.

This is achieved by giving that door the right type of wood finish. Internal Doors UK recommend that you should contact your door’s manufacturer for help on choosing the right finish before applying anything.


Tips to Keep Your New Internal Doors Looking Great


Take care of your door

A house is made of many things, but maybe we should take care of our doors more. Doors are the front line for your home, and if not safe, it can be a security risk to you, your family, and guests. If you’re building or renovating, make sure to take a good look at your door frames. Doors themselves can be expensive to install, but it is worth the investment in the long run.


Handles and Accessories

A handle finishes off the door. You may have a superb door design, but the handle needs to suit the door and stand out from the rest. Door handles and accessories will make your house look amazing. Details are essential when decorating a house. The first thing you need to consider is whether you have a theme or not. A theme can be either modern or traditional. You can add accessories to match the theme.


Keep the hinges clean and lubricated

Keeping the door hinges clean and lubricated is often neglected, provided that the door has been fitted correctly. A thick layer of dust will reduce the life of your door hinges, so regular cleaning is highly recommended. Having a clean set of door hinges can also add to the aesthetics of your home, allowing people to comment upon it and ask you for more details.


Use a paste wax for heavy wear areas such as corners and edges

Paste waxes are easy to apply and offer good protection. They form a hard, smooth surface that’s also easy to maintain. They’re best for infrequent use and high-stress areas, such as the edges of a door.

Be mindful of the frame

Are you planning to install new doors in your house? If so, and if you want the old ones to fit nicely, be sure to take your time choosing the right frame. Ten minutes well spent can save you a lot of arguing later. The frame is the most essential part of the doorway, and, too often, it is ignored. A poorly fitted frame will lead to a less than satisfactory result, with no door taking the brunt of the disappointment.


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