Skip Sizes Explained – A Simple Guide to UK Skip Sizes

 Skip Sizes Explained

In any construction job, DIY project or building clearout. Skip hire is an essential tool. But knowing the difference of all the skips types can be confusing. And with a job that needs doing, you want it to be done correctly and with the right equipment. In this guide we will establish the difference between every skip widely available on the construction market.


Skip Sizes Explained

Skip sizes explained – a simple guide to how to UK skip sizes


1: Skip Sizes Explained – What size is a Mini Skip

The mini skip is (as you can tell from the name) the smallest of all the skips. ranging between 2 – 3 cubic yards in length. These skips are known for being very compact and handy for household jobs.

2 and 3 yard mini skips are best suited for small garden and house jobs, with the 2 yard holding 25 bin bags and the 3 yard containing 30 bin bags. Mini skips are also great for a room clearances, their tiny size and ability to take on more waste than the average dust bin. However with the skips being so small it’s important to make sure that the rubbish will not be overflowing in the skip.


2: Skip Sizes Explained – What size is a Midi Skip

The midi skip is a midway skip between the mini and the small skips, ranging between 4 – 5 cubic yards. Midi skips (holding around 40 bin bags) are ideal for bathroom and kitchen refits, along with small room updates. These skip sizes are great for their compatibility with small space. They’re able to fit compactly on your property, preventing permit costs.


3: Skip Sizes Explained – What size is a Small Skip (Builders Skips)

The small skips range from 6 – 7 cubic yards and hold 65 – 70 bin bags of waste. These skips are prominent among tradesmen (hence why they are often called Builders Skips). For their ability to hold heavy waste from small construction jobs. These skips are used mainly for household projects but may also be seen used at small business depots or offices.

Generally the larger the area of work, the bigger the skip you will want to get hold of. Overfilling could become an issue with these skips as their use extends beyond simple tasks. Using Mackers Total Recycling same day skip delivery service,  helps tradesmen and yourself in emptying the skip and reusing it. This service should help you take the pressure off of estimating your waste.


Skip sizes explained even further

skip sizes explained

A simple guide to UK skip sizes


4: Skip Sizes Explained – What size are Large Skips (Builders Skips)

Large skips come in sizes between 8 – 10 cubic yards long. With 8 yard skips holding 75 bin bags and 10 yard skips have a capacity of around 100 bin bags. Large skips are better suited for larger house projects and clearances.

Skips of this type require much more space. So planning a good spot for delivery and collection is key to successful skip hire. These skips are useful for fast-paced construction jobs, that require waste clearance in a timely manner.  8 yard skips are the most used in the construction industry as they are able to hold the most weight out of any other skip.


5: Skip Sizes Explained – What size are Maxi Skip (Commercial Skips)

Maxi skips are the largest available skips in the industry, soaring in size from 12 cubic yards and onwards. Maxi skips are able to hold a whopping 120 bin bags.  Also known as commercial skips, their usage is less domestic and more situated in building sites and construction yards.

Their bigger scale allows bulkier and wider items to be placed within them without the extra effort in breaking all items down in to bags. Maxi skips are useful for large items, however, they are not fully functional for overly heavy waste. When looking for a sturdier skip for a maximum capacity of heavy waste, then the 8 yard builders skip is the ideal choice for your job.


Skip Sizes Explained – Conclusion

Finding the best skip for you is not the easiest task. But with a bit of knowledge and advice, the right skip can be provided to you to fulfil the needs you require. Mackers Total Recycling are a professional family run business specialising in waste management and skip hirings.

They can lend advice on skip hire methods, ideas and requirements whilst also offering a cost-efficient, time-saving service. Also using the same day skip delivery and collection service from mackers,  insures clients that the skip will not be on site for any longer than necessary.

 I hope this post on skip sizes explained has been useful to you


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